Water Supply, Wastewater & Environmental Assessment Water Supply Tunnels
  Feasibility Study for Project Sewage Disposal, Trabzon/TÜRKİYE, (09/2008-05/2009)
  Final Design of Mastra Waste Storage, Gümüşhane/TÜRKİYE, (02/2008-02/2010) Facilities
  Determining of a Development Plan with the Objective of Using the River for the Recovery of Flood Control and Recreation Requirements of the Mert River Basin Project Under Aspect of Technical, Socio-Economical and Environmental Impacts, Samsun/TÜRKİYE, (07/2005-11/2005)
  Consulting Services for Preparation of Conceptual Design for Wastewater Treatment Plant, Review of the Sewerage Network Design, Preparation of Designs for the Rehabilitation of Water Network System, Preparation of Bidding Documents and Construction Supervision (MUG-C2), Muğla/TÜRKİYE (06/2007-11/2010)
  Consultancy Services for Preparation of Bidding Documents for Water Network Construction Supervision and Technical Assistance to MESKİ, Mersin/TÜRKİYE, (05/2007-08/2010)
  MESKİ Drinking Water Rehabilitation Project Consultancy Services for Review of Final Designs of Reservoirs, Reservoir Connections and Pumping Stations, Preparation of Bidding Documents and Construction Supervision (Contract No:MES-C2), Mersin/Türkiye, (02/2007-08/2009)
  Mastra Waste Disposal Dam Engineering Services, Gümüşhane/TÜRKİYE, (03/2007-07/2007)
  Engineering and Procurement Services for Çöpler Gold Project as Owner’s Engineer, Erzincan/TÜRKİYE, (02/2007-02/2008)
  Consulting Services for the Preparation of a Feasibility Study for Şanliurfa Sewage Disposal Project, Şanlıurfa/TÜRKİYE, (06/2006-01/2007)
  Şanlıurfa Urban Storm Water Drainage System Application Design Project, Şanlıurfa/TÜRKİYE, (10/2005-12/2005)
  Harmandalı Sanitary Landfill Area Planning, Preparation of Detailed Design and Operation Manuals, Harmandalı/TÜRKİYE, (02/2003-05/2005)
  Çorlu Municipality Planning and Design of Water Supply, Sewerage and Storm Water Drainage Systems and Waste Water Treatment Plant, Çorlu/TÜRKİYE, (05/2005-01/2006)
  Preparation of Feasibility Study for Group A Municipalities TÜRKİYE, (12/2004-04/2005)
  Kırıkkale Waste Water Appendix Analysis and Feasibility Study, Kırıkkale/ TÜRKİYE, (11/2004-02/2005)
  Consultancy Services for the City of Eskisehir Municipal Urban Development Project, Establishment and Operation of Project Management Unit, Managerial and Technical Assistance for Water Supply, Waste Water, River and Canal Improvement and Light Rail Transport Projects, (03/2003-01/2007)
  Tatvan Wastewater Treatment Plant Feasibility Report and Preparation of Tender Documents, Tatvan/ TÜRKİYE, (05/2004-05/2005)
  Final Design of Domestic and Industrial Water Supply System of Antalya City, Antalya/ TÜRKİYE, (12/1998-05/2003)
  Construction Supervision, Engineering and Consultancy Services for Demirtaş Organized Industrial Complex Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, Bursa/TÜRKİYE, (01/2004-12/2006)
  Supervision and Consulting Services for Detailed Designs and As-Built designs, Kathodic Protection and SCADA Systems of the Şanlıurfa Potable Water Project, in the South-East Anatolian (GAP Region/Turkey/TÜRKİYE, (10/2002-04/2005)
  Mersin Wastewater Project Technical Assistance for Project Management Unit (PMU) , Mersin/TÜRKİYE, (07/2002-07/2010)
  Kirikkale Sewerage Project Sewer Network and WWTP Detailed Design and Construction Supervision , Kırıkkale/TÜRKİYE, (11/2001-08/2004)
  Batman Sewerage Project Feasibility Study ,Batman/TÜRKIYE, (07/2001-03/2002)
  Manavgat Stream Water Supply Project, Manavgat/TÜRKİYE, (07/2000-06/2006)
  Final Design of Domestic and Industrial Water Supply System of Antalya City, Antalya/TÜRKİYE, (12/1998-10/1999)
  Feasibility Study and Final Design of Water Supply System for the Cities of Abha, Khamis Mushayt and Ahad Rufeida, SAUDI ARABIA, (05/1997-05/1998)
  Fınal Design of Domestic and Industrial Water Supply System of the City of Erzurum, Erzurum/TÜRKİYE, (02/1996-05/1997)
  Melen System Greater Istanbul Water Supply Project Consultancy Services, İstanbul/TÜRKİYE, (04/1996-04/2010)
  Consulting Services for Wastewater Treatment Plant of Uşak Organized Tanneries Region, Uşak/TÜRKİYE, (12/1995-05/1997)
  Birecik Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Permanent Operator’s Village Project, Birecik/TÜRKİYE, (10/1994-04/1995)
  Erzincan Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project Consultancy Services for Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Municipality Infrastructure and Public Building, Erzincan/TÜRKİYE, (06/1993-06/1995)
  Eryaman Housing Development Area Infrastructure Projects, Ankara/TÜRKİYE, (12/1993-05/1994)
  Preparation of Typical Designs of Service Reservoirs for Drinking Water Supply System, TÜRKİYE, (07/1992-06/1994)
  Şile-Darlık Conveyance Line, Wells and Pump Stations Construction Supervision and Consultancy Services, İstanbul/TÜRKİYE, (1992-1994)
  Construction Supervision for Istanbul Urgent Water Supply Project (Istranca Rıver-Kıyıköy Region), İstanbul/TÜRKİYE, (08/1991-07/1994)
  Southeastern Anatolia Regional Development Project, Consultancy Services for Infrastructural and Transportational Development, TÜRKİYE, (11/1990-11/1993)
  Infrastructural Facilities for İstanbul Food Production, Storage and Marketing Center Structural Cooperation, İstanbul/TÜRKİYE, (03/1989-09/1989)
  İstanbul Water Supply Project Master Plan and Feasibility Studies for Istranca Creeks İstanbul/TÜRKİYE, (08/1991-07/1994)
  Ankara Sewerage and Stormwater Drainage Final Report of Technical Review and Project Preparation, Ankara/TÜRKİYE, (10/1988-07/1989)
  Final Design of Terkos-Kağıthane Iıırd Water Supply Conveyance Line, İstanbul/TÜRKİYE, (04/1988-08/1988)
  Utilities of Gebze Industrial Zone , İstanbul/TÜRKİYE, (09/1988-10/1989)
  Construction and Consultancy Services for Greater Ankara Water Distribution Network Rehabilitation and Extension and Installation of SCADA System, Ankara/TÜRKİYE, (10/1988-02/1989)
  Planning Report and Final Design of Water Supply Project for Kayseri City, Kayseri/TÜRKİYE, (12/1986-12/1988)